Guillermo Olaizola

 Artist Statement

Photography is the marvelous combination of technology and our creative ability to express our perceptions and experiences visually. It gives us a way to capture the essence of a place or a moment inside of a small and immutable two dimensional rectangular frame, and it challenges us to do it in a compelling way. For me, photography is the magical tool that allows me to document, express and share my sense of awe for our world. At the same time it helps me to enjoy it more deeply.

My photography is not documentary, and I use extensively all the tools of the modern digital darkroom to enhance my pictures and to bring out the elements that I consider essential in a scene. With few exceptions, I do not use compositing or creative transformation techniques in my images. Although I may alter some details and clean “distractions,” I aim to maintain a clear connection with reality.

I started doing photography shortly after I moved to the Washington D.C. area. As I developed a passion for this art, I learned to live the moments with my camera more intensely, rising to a heightened level of attention and awareness to the world around me. Through photography, I hope to pay homage to the city I live in, the people I meet, and the places that I am fortunate enough to visit around the world.